Working with clients to design and develop embedded electronic products

Embedded Design is a fees-for-service company specialising in electronic product development; we support businesses to develop successful products.

Application Areas

We provide successful designs for products of many kinds, here are a few examples of key areas in which we have worked

  • Precision Instrumentation

  • Clean energy and renewables

  • Medical

  • Industrial

  • IoT

  • Consumer goods and FMCG companies



Founded upon an integrated product design approach, our service optimises different disciplines to enhance your design
whether it’s to achieve the greatest functionality, the lowest manufacturing cost or a defined point in the middle of that spectrum.
Our expertise enables us to provide expert advice on existing designs and product roadmaps as well as new product design

  • Independent design review

  • Product strategy

  • Technology strategy

  • DfX assessment

  • Project management

  • Technical due diligence

  • Integrated product design

  • Physics and product function

  • Electronics architecture

  • Firmware architecture

  • RF design

  • Mechanical design

Supporting Skills

Experience in integrated product design is key to a successful product as are the core skills on which detailed product design rests.
Embedded Design has a solid background in providing these core skills. It may be that you have a skilled team already designing
your product but are lacking one or more essential skills; we are happy to work with your team to support your design.